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Generali joins Pride month celebrations

Holding high the values of diversity, equity and inclusion for all its people to feel safe, respected, and valued, the Group explores what Pride is about in the framework of its cultural transformation journey

Generali joins the Pride month celebrations once again this June, reaffirming its commitment to promoting the values of diversity, equity and inclusion, which are one of the key priorities of the new strategic cycle.

At Generali, Pride is first of all about inclusion, enabling everyone across the Group to feel valued, respected and able to unleash their own potential, feel accomplished and contribute with their talents to the Company’s innovation, growth and success. Only an inclusive environment, where everyone feels safe, comfortable with who they are, and free to be authentic, will ensure the sense of belonging and engagement necessary to drive Generali’s growth as Sustainability champion.

Pride at Generali is also about its cultural transformation journey, one that the Group has embarked on together with its LGBTQI+ people and all the hundreds of allies of WeProud, Generali’s first LGBTQI+ Employee Resource Group. They play a critical role in highlighting the importance of equality, raising awareness on the challenges LGBTQI+ employees face, and improving understanding of the needs of a diverse workforce and customer base.

In a nutshell, Pride means being proud to be engaged in the journey to value LGBTQI+ colleagues, customers and communities, who add to the diversity of the Group in an increasingly important way.

We believe that it is our differences that make the difference. As part of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion commitment, we aim to leverage Diversity to create long-term value, to be innovative, sustainable, to make the difference for our people, customers, partners and communities.


Generali joins Pride month celebrations