Generali Group


          Transparency and engagement information

          Generali is fully committed to ethics and compliance with norms and regulations in its relationships with its stakeholders at large, and in all of its business activities.


          The nature of the Group business requires interaction with public officials, public institutions or authorities, representatives of political parties and trade unions. As stated in the Code of Conduct, employees must refrain from offering or receiving, directly or indirectly, anything unless in connection with ordinary business activities and in line with law and common local practices.


          Assicurazioni Generali has been recorded on the EU’s voluntary Transparency Register since 2014. By its registration, it has signed the Transparency Register Code of Conduct, in addition to  be bound to the Code of Conduct of Generali Group. 


          Annual spending for interest representations, professional organizations and think tanks of which Generali is a member at Group level:

          • 2020: € 800,000


          Top two major topics of influence in 2020:

          • Prudential requirements for insurers and regulations on distribution
          • Evolution of digital technology


          Top three organizations Generali was a member of in 2020:

          • Geneva 
          • CFO Forum
          • Bruegel and Eurofi