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          Sustainable mobility

          Sustainable mobility

          An important part of the Group's environmental footprint is made up of employee business trips. We are implementing strategies for the sustainable management of business travel, seeking to reduce the related greenhouse gas emissions.

          First and foremost, we try to cut down business travel by promoting the use of video conferencing and promoting smart and remote working.  In Austria, France and Italy there are also tele-appraisal systems for claims management, which reduce the number of car journeys by assessors.

          The travel policy favours the use of public transport over private cars and, among public transport, promotes those with less impact on the environment, such as trains instead of planes. Our car policy sets maximum limits on CO2 emissions for company cars.
          Due to the restrictions following the Covid-19 pandemic, business travel significantly decreased in 2021, reaching less than 83 million km (-66% vs. 2019), mainly carried out by cars and then by trains and planes.

          In June 2021 the Group has approved a new reduction target for the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the Company car fleet; these emissions, together with those from offices and data centers, will be reduced of 25% by 2025 against the 2019 baseline. This ambition will be supported also by the share increase of hybrid and electric vehicles in the Company cars.

          PERFORMANCE IN 2021

          Distances travelled by car, train and plane for business trips

          ​Greenhouse gas emissions from business trips

          82,481,361 km

          12,929 t CO2e
          -58.6% compared to 2019

          Breakdown of business trips by mode

          Corporate fleet






          Private car