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          We also seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the sustainable management of mobility.

          First and foremost, we try to cut down employee travel by promoting the use of video and teleconferencing.

          In France, Germany and Italy, employees can access video conferences from individual workstations through specific applications such as Microsoft Lync.


          Telecommuting is possible in many countries, while in all countries our travel policy prioritises the use of public transport rather than private cars, favouring the uses of the most environmentally friendly forms of public transport (e.g. trains rather than planes). Our car policies set maximum limits on CO2 emissions for company cars.


          Finally, we also tele-appraisal systems for managing claims in Austria, France and Italy, reducing the number of car journeys made by assessors.


          In 2018, Group employees made work-related journeys by car, plane and train over 215 milions of km.


          PERFORMANCE IN 2018

          215,336,207 km

          travelled by car, train and airplane

          (-8.5% compared to 2013)

          4,467 km

          per capita travalled


          Employees on duty travels
          Train 18%
          Airplane 21%
          Private car 39%
          Corporate fleet 22%