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          Generali People Strategy

          To accompany the launch of a new strategic cycle and new business priorities, in 2018 we developed GPeople 2021, the new Generali People Strategy that will guide the Group's priorities and initiatives over the three-year period 2019-21. We embarked upon a co-creation process involving over 400 people group-wide at different organisational levels, to develop the new Generali People Strategy.

          We identified five priorities as a result:

          • To promote a culture of innovation, customer-centricity and inclusion
          • To build and develop the key skills for the digital age
          • To encourage the development of leaders and global talent
          • To promote excellence and the creation of sustainable value
          • To become a streamlined, agile and efficient organisation
          Generali People Strategy
          Generali People Strategy

          We support each priority through specific global and local initiatives and defined and monitored targets, in line with the Generali 2021 strategic plan.