Responsible Employer

Generali and EWC: a shared commitment to employees’ wellbeing and sustainable growth

“Next Normal” Joint Declaration signed following a meeting with members of the European Works Council’s select committee. Monica Possa, Group Chief HR & Organization Officer: “A model that demonstrates the maturity of social dialogue and that mirrors and gives value to the thoughts, experiences, and best practices of the countries”

On Thursday, 16th February 2023, the Joint Declaration on the new sustainable ways of working in a Next Normal scenario was signed by Generali and representatives from the Group’s European Works Council (EWC), the body representing European workers. This achievement is part of a recent specific path that has been undertaken with EWC since some years ago. This path has led to sign joint declarations on main trends significantly impacting the world of work and that are particularly relevant in Generali. This is the case of:

  • Telework in 2017,
  • Diversity & Inclusion in 2019, and
  • Covid-19 Emergency Crisis in 2021.

The Next Normal scenario

Thanks to the experience acquired in the last few years, Generali intends to build its Next Normal based on flexible and sustainable hybrid work models to unlock its people’s potential, boost the business strategy ambition and deliver benefits to all Group stakeholders.

Sustainable ways of working and better work-life balance

The signature of the Next Normal Joint Declaration is an important accomplishment confirming the constructive social dialogue established with EWC and marking a further step in the shared commitment to promoting sustainable ways of working, based on trust and empowerment as well as work-life balance and enhanced group performance.

Promoting hybrid work for a better work-life balance

Among the promoters and signatories of the Joint Declaration was Monica Possa, Group Chief HR & Organization Officer, who welcomed the hybrid work models described by the document as an important enabler of the working environment Generali wants to offer to all its People: one where a more sustainable way to manage private and working life goes hand in hand with increased flexibility and efficiency, better service for customers, and the opportunity to acquire and strengthen digital skills. To continue being both a responsible employer and a Sustainable Lifetime Partner.

Group General Manager Marco Sesana also took part in the meeting with EWC representatives and in the Joint Declaration signing ceremony.

Employee wellbeing: Generali as a responsible employer

Generali’s commitment to ensuring employee wellbeing is at the heart of “GPeople24 – Ready for the Next”, the Generali People Strategy that defines priorities and key initiatives in the timeframe 2022-2024.

What is employee wellbeing?

Ensuring employee wellbeing means offering working conditions that respect individual dignity, keeping safe and healthy working environments, and continuously protecting their physical and mental health.

Corporate welfare and employee wellbeing

The goal of the “GPeople24 – Ready for the Next” People Strategy is to enhance the potential of all Generali people and support the “Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth” strategic plan by implementing the Next Normal model, focusing on the following priority areas:

  • innovation: fostering the development of a sustainable and meritocratic culture, which is customer-driven and open to innovation;
  • hybrid work: adopting a sustainable digital-based hybrid working model; and activating a more effective and efficient organisation;
  • upskilling and reskilling: equipping people with the skills they need to enact the strategy, focusing on digital technology, customers, and sustainability;
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion: creating a working environment that values diversity, ensures equality, and encourages inclusion.