Generali Group


          Best Practices

          Following a first wave of process enhancements aimed at improving customer satisfaction with claims processes, based on implementation of the Group T-NPS methodology to claims processes, the Group has been working on a more systematic review and personalization of claims journeys, combining human care, more innovative services and technology & data.

          These developments are primarily focused in particular on the following lines of business:

          • Motor material damage 
          • Household claims, and 
          • Medical expenses reimbursements. 

          Typical examples of activities for the innovation and redesign of claims processes towards a New Claims Journey, are the following:

          • remote and automatic first notification of loss (fnol), whether via mobile, web or equivalent applications, to accelerate initial take-up by claims handlers; more generally, customer self-serve functionalities;
          • applications to guide customers towards preferred processes and partners (e.g. most convenient motor body-shop, repairer, doctor & medical structure or cash settlement), to ensure appropriate and speedy customer service;
          • remote appraisals in Motor and Property, whether based on customer own or preferred repairers’ / experts’ applications (mobile / web), to expedite damage expertise, so as to accelerate claims resolution & settlements, as most convenient to the customer;
          • robotized applications, to automate back-office low-value activities and tasks along the claims process value chain, incl. payments/reimbursements to customers / professionals;
          • bot applications with artificial intelligence (AI) to assist, triage and guide applying customers towards the most claims appropriate handler/process; and
          • more generally, sophistication in decision making: use of data analytics, automatic claims routing, automation of controls.

          A further priority at Group level is to also promote, in the case of personal assistance, the promotion of at-a-distance services, including for Seniors, Teleassistance, and more generally Home assistance.

          In all of the above, the Group is also investing on the engagement of the Claims people and the personalization of Claims Journeys