Generali Group


          Work-life balance

          In order to protect and reconcile work commitments with family needs, our staff can take advantage of various initiatives to promote greater flexibility such as flexible working hours, part-time work, the hour bank and company crèches for their children etc.

          At the moment we are experimenting with and implementing smart working initiatives in various Group companies. This new managerial philosophy is based on greater flexibility and autonomy in the choice of working methods and places, balanced against greater responsibility for results.


          Our staff, with differences from country to country, recognise the benefits provided by laws, national collective agreements and additional company agreements such as paid absences for:

          • Marriage
          • Death of a family member
          • Pregnancy
          • Breastfeeding for new mothers
          • Maternity/paternity leave
          • Children's illnesses
          • Medical examinations and clinical analyses
          • Studying and day of exams
          • Assistance to disabled family members
          • Blood donation
          • etc.

          In accordance with the company’s organisational requirements, to offer additional flexibility we also grant paid leave and/or leave that is subsequently made-up, and in the case of justified personal or family reasons we permit leave periods (unpaid absence) of a maximum of 12 months with differences from country to country.

          In some countries we have received awards for our people management policy: in Austria, the Ministry of Family Affairs awarded us the Family Friendly Certificate (Beruf und Familie 2018), in Spain we received the Fundacion Masfamilia Certificate (EFR Certificate) and in Slovenia the title of Family Friendly Company.

          In 2017, among other things, a joint declaration was signed with the Group's European Works Council to promote teleworking.


          Generali promotes Telework (Joint Declaration with EWC) 259 kb