Generali Group



          We guarantee working conditions that respect individual dignity in healthy, safe, protected workplaces compliant with applicable health and safety regulations. We also pay particular attention to pregnant women, mothers and workers with disabilities.

          We offer all our people e-learning refresher courses  (covering current health and safety legislation, risk prevention and what to do in the event of emergencies and fires) that include a final test to assess what they have learned, and brochures which are distributed on the company intranet.

          A Health and Safety Committee or the Group Risk Prevention Service is present in most of our companies.

          These bodies are responsible for risk assessment, monitoring and managing problems relating to risk prevention and the protection of the health of workers in the performance of their professional duties.

          We assess the risks and identify the causes of work-related stress, which we seek to prevent via the following measures:

          • training courses and workshops;
          • opinion surveys;
          • dedicated teams;
          • reduction in overtime;
          • flexibility of working hours;
          • interventions on our real estate assets to ensure that our work spaces always protect the safety of our workers, to make working conditions more comfortable and to increase the efficiency and reliability of our man-machine systems;
          • annual monitoring of absenteeism due to occupational stress.


          The data refer to the following countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain and Switzerland.