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          For our children

          In Bulgaria, the European country with the highest level of child abandonment, we support the For Our Children Foundation, which, for over 20 years, has been promoting fostering of children who would otherwise have to live in orphanages.

          For our children

          More than 2,000 children are abandoned in the country every year, while others are removed from unsuitable family environments. The work of For Our Children has led to the construction of 18 family support centres and the fostering of 5,500 children to date. In 2012, the foundation launched the Family House project, a children’s home that can host up to five abandoned children or children removed from their parents to a safe environment. The Family House is also home to a family and a team of experts, and is the first example of a children’s home in Bulgaria that complies with European social services standards. It is a temporary shelter where children can remain for a maximum of six months, with the goal of finding a long-term solution as quickly as possible, such as returning to their original families or identifying a foster or adoptive family.


          In 2014, we supported the project through a Cause Related Marketing initiative called “Safe home for our children”, which actively involved our customers: for each home insurance policy sold in Bulgaria, 1 lev (0.5 euro) was donated, earning a total of 20 thousand lev.