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Be Bold for Inclusion 2024

For the seventh consecutive year, Generali people all over the world join celebrations of inclusion on March 8th, International Women’s Day

Group Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Team
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On International Women’s Day and for the seventh consecutive year, Generali celebrates Be Bold for Inclusion, the initiative embodying the Group’s commitment to promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and to further strengthening efforts to create a more gender-balanced organization as well as a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

It is a unique time of the year that involves around 80,000 people across the whole organization to celebrate with hundreds of initiatives at both Group and local level, contributing to Generali’s inclusion journey.

Generali’s commitment to inclusion

Inclusion is both a strategic focus and an integral part of Generali’s identity, bringing immense value to employees, customers, and communities.

In this era of rapid change and hybrid work, inclusion is a key element in Generali’s People Strategy and acts as a cohesive force, creating resilience within the organization. It is a powerful tool, fostering a workplace where every voice is heard, diverse perspectives are valued, and innovative thinking unfolds.

Generali’s broader commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is reflected in everyone’s choices, in the way we support open conversations, in the language we use and the genuine respect we show to one another, which allows us to bring our authentic selves to work.

A full agenda of initiatives

To mark Be Bold for Inclusion, again this year Generali’s Business Units all over the world have planned a wide array of events, from conferences to talks and workshops.

Assicurazioni Generali and GOSP organised the “Closing the Gap: Mindful Respect” event, offering inspiring insights on how to develop a culture of respect, empathy, and equality.

Generali UK Branch hosted a panel discussion on how gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic background impact women's access to economic opportunities as well as what role can technology and innovation play in advancing economic empowerment for women.

Generali Global Corporate & Commercial (GC&C) launched its first HR newsletter called “Everyone EveryDEI” - a call to consistently reflect on and take tangible actions to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in both our daily and professional lives.

Generali Italia hosted a round table on the various dimensions of sustainability, comprising inclusion, starting from an individual approach to achieve a collective one. Several workshops were also organized on unconscious bias and Artificial Intelligence, stereotypes influence in TV series, and challenging conversations on DEI.

Generali Asset & Wealth Management hosted a roundtable on female contributions to finance.

The DACH region (comprising Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) organized a whole week of events discussing allyship, gender diversity, equity and inclusion - and the way they intertwine with topics such as AI, finance, and sales.

Generali France focused on diversity in science and technology professions and organized a workshop on gender bias in selection processes.

Care Hub confirmed their commitment to gender inclusion through an internal and external communication campaign, inviting leaders and colleagues to share their perspectives about inclusion and inclusive leadership practices. They also held the “Addressing gender inequalities: the role of corporations and top management” event.

The International Business Unit saw the organization of events dedicated to longevity and generational balance as well as on the importance of gender issues in today’s rapidly changing organizational landscapes. In Asia, among the initiatives organized are webinars on female empowerment in India, parenting sessions in collaboration with The Human Safety Net in Indonesia, and a conference on women health in Thailand.

Throughout the year, Generali also keeps reaffirming its commitment by joining and organizing events dedicated to Pride Month and Disability Week campaigns, as well as training sessions and talks open to all employees with the aim of establishing an open dialogue with the top management on Group strategy, ambitions, and actions related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

At Generali, we believe that true inclusion lies in the richness of our differences. It is the daily decision to listen, respect, and empower – a cornerstone in the Group’s journey towards a workplace that not only embraces diversity, but also upholds equity.