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Global DEI Talk Live 2023: shaping an inclusive future

A dialogue about our Group’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Monica Possa and Jean-Laurent Granier

Group Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Team
Reading time: 2'00"

The second edition of Global DEI Talk Live welcomed more than 1000 colleagues from around the world, to discuss about the crucial role of DEI – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - in the dynamic landscape of today’s business world and within the context of continually evolving social dynamics.

Jean-Laurent Granier, Country Manager France & CEO Global Business Activities, and Monica Possa, Group Chief HR and Organization Officer, shed light on sustainability and DEI priorities into the upcoming business strategy, inclusion sentiment within the organization, importance of DEI to attract and retain employees.

The main goal was to initiate a conversation with participants throughout the Group, addressing their questions and observations, moderated by Anna Chiara Lucchini, Group Head of Leadership Development and Group Academy, to the two managers.

During the event, they discussed about the commitment from top to bottom of the organization in DEI issues, a significant point that implies leaders serving as DEI sponsors and grassroots Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) providing safe spaces for support and diverse perspectives.

Both Monica and Jean Laurent emphasized the essential role that Generali People plays in promoting inclusion on a daily basis, by encouraging everyone to actively participate and fostering an ongoing and open dialogue on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion matters.