Responsible Employer

Generali Group Audit

Boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal control system, governance and processes, our digitally enabled community of Auditors supports Generali in making the right choices today for a safer tomorrow

Enhancing and protecting Generali’s value and reputation by providing risk-based, independent, and objective assurance and advice across all business areas and geographies, while nurturing a culture of transparency and accountability: this is the mission of Group Audit.

Generali’s global audit team leverages on new technologies to address changing needs and enhance its performance. Undertaking hundreds of audit engagements every year covering a broad range of business areas and topics including data science, technology, digital assurance, and innovation, our auditors are enrolled in continuous upskilling programs to acquire and maintain the right skills.

Adapting rapidly to a risky environment in constant evolution and navigating an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, Group Audit supports Generali in making the right choices today for a safer tomorrow.

The shift from a sample-based to a data-driven approach

To keep pace with an increasingly data-driven environment, Group Audit took part in Generali’s Digital journey by integrating Data Analytics into all steps of the audit lifecycle, thus spreading innovation and knowledge in the Global Audit function and providing deeper assurance and better coverage of the audited areas.

Thanks to the shift to a data-led strategy, auditors are now provided with the most advanced tools and techniques to identify anomalies and issue audit findings faster and backed by clear evidence.

As people are key to Generali’s digital success, Group Audit continuously brings into play talent from around the world to enhance the global team of Audit Analytics Promoters, whose mission is supporting auditors worldwide in their digital upskilling journey by developing their analytics capabilities through continuous training.

By merging the power of data and the human touch, Group Audit will always be successful in making the unknown known and the invisible visible.

The shift from a sample-based to a data-driven approach