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The smartest locks to keep your home secure

How to lock your door in a safer and smarter way

Connectivity has hit the security sector! Today's smart locks do much more than just bolt your door. Some allow you to issue digital keys and others connect to smart home devices, enabling you to adjust heating or lighting as you enter the home.

Here are some great locks for maximum security and a little added comfort.


Biometric fingerprints

These locks are activated using fingerprints, so there's no need to worry about forgetting passwords or losing keys. Samsung has a wide range of biometric locks that connect to smart home products, including lights, speakers and thermostats, so when you leave the house you can automatically lock the doors, turn all the lights off, turn the heating down and even turn on a security camera!

If you'd prefer something simpler and less pricey, the Adel biometric lock is a good choice. It's easy to install, simple to use and has a number of additional options for unlocking, such as a user code and mechanical key.


Bluetooth and WiFi

These are great for hands-off locking, as they don't require keys or access codes! Instead, your smartphone locks and unlocks the door, which is super handy when you're laden with bags! They typically allow the issue of virtual keys and doors can be automatically locked and unlocked. Many connect to smart systems, such as thermostats. Look at the August Smart Lock and Kwikset Kevo Lock.


Card locks

If you like a physical 'key' but one that's easier to stow in a purse or pocket, 'RFID' card locks are ideal. These allow access using a key fob or card and many have a secondary locking device in case you lose your card. The Samsung Ezon is a very user-friendly RFID lock that includes a fire detection sensor for extra security.



Finally, there are keypad locks, which use touchscreen panels for access and many connect to smart home systems. Take a look at the Yale Real Living range and Schlage lock, that includes a fingerprint resistance function to ensure numbers can't be detected after repeated use.


Thanks to smart locks, the days of heavy keys, rushing home to let friends in and entering a chilly home are over. Who knew locks could be so handy?