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Sweet dreams

Three tech solutions for better sleep

If sleeping well is but a dream, do not lose hope! In the very near future we might be able to unplug or even fall directly into deep sleep by simply wearing a helmet that produces electrical stimulations.


Goodbye sweet dreams: stress, anxiety and nocturnal sounds are often the most obvious causes of restless nights. Good sleep is good for you and, according to a study carried out by the University of Chicago and published in the international magazine Hypertension, five hours of sleep per night are not enough to keep our bodies in good shape and ready to perform normal daily activities. Quite the opposite: sleep little and badly and in the long run the rhythm of your heartbeat could be negatively affected.


What can be done then? Count sheep or get drunk on chamomile? Thankfully, today’s science is already experimenting with innovative solutions that could guarantee sweet sleep for everyone in the future. The first instrument we would like to talk about is a prototype designed by the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, one of the world’s most authoritative research institutes in the field of sleep studies. The headpiece, which resembles a military helmet, isolates the eyes and ears from any type of environmental signal and warms the ocular region, the area of our body that regulates the sleep mechanism. Waking up is guaranteed thanks to an internal blue light that turns on gradually when it is time to get up.


To fall into Morpheus’s arms in just a few minutes, in the future we will be able to use a technology known as TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. This method uses an apparatus reminiscent of a briefcase that is connected to our heads and can send us into a deep sleep with its magnetic wave stimulation while entirely skipping all the intermediate stages.


The third technology we would like to consider is the Fisher Wallace Stimulator made ​​by the U.S. manufacturer of the same name. The Stimulator is a wearable device which provides mild electrical stimulation that helps you gradually relax by calming the mind.  


With the leaps forward being made in sleep technologies, tossing and turning may be a thing of the past and we may soon be able to wave goodbye to sleepless nights.