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Davos, Silicon Valley

The Human Safety Net partners with Knack to unlock human potential

This year, the theme of the meetings organised at Davos by the World Economic Forum was that of “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”. A wide, ambitious and far-reaching theme, involving societal and economic and global governance assets. It further embodies a great pragmatic challenge: being able to create the future requires the ability to imagine it and, above all, that of setting up all the individual initiatives need it to change it, in our current geopolitical reality where sharing and collaboration continue to present great difficulties.


In this sense, the meetings at Davos, where Generali has long since been participating, represents an incredible workshop of ideas and a unique occasion to exchange ideas and projects.

This year, Generali presented to the audience in Davos The Human Safety Net Project, Generali’s most important global social initiative, launched last October in Venice, embodying our way of “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”. In the same occasion, the partnerships with Knack was presented, a Silicon Valley start-up that has designed an innovative way to objectively analyse and allow the emergence of talents and the development of their essential individual capacities within professional environments, by utilising smartphone-realised games designed by combining artificial intelligence, design and software engineering.


Knack, currently Generali’s partner in the search for talents in the insurance sector, will now start to support the Refugee Start-Ups project – one of the three projects part of The Human Safety Net – helping to identify entrepreneurial potential and professional aptitudes within refugees, contributing to create their future as well as that of the communities who have welcomed them.