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          27 June 2017 - 09:35

          Hand in hand with the business

          Interview with Bruce Hodges, Generali Group Chief Information and Digital Officer

          Information technology is taking an increased role in driving innovation and growth in multinational companies, including those in the insurance industry. Today the insurance sector, just as that of the technological world, is rapidly transforming. But innovating the insurance model means that we have to first of all dynamically change the business model as well as the way insurers address the costumers’ needs.

          Thanks to the availability of large quantities of data and the ability to collect and analyse it, insurers can offer the clients increasingly customized solutions and help them to live better lives even before a negative event occurs.

          Bruce Hodges, Generali Group Chief Information and Digital Officer, explains why a close partnership between business and information technology teams is crucial, and why it could represent a significant opportunity to evolve the traditional business model.