Personalised value propositions

Products are tailored & flexible enriched with service ecosystem to prevent and assist

We have already strengthened our offer, moving from just selling products to providing solutions enriched with Value added services.

As part of the evolution to become Lifetime Partner of our customers, we develop personalised propositions:

  • leverage on customer value and insights to drive personalized pricing, flexible coverage and tailored communication enabled by modular solutions. It starts with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, incorporating insights into our products and services. Starting from customer value will also enable us to offer dedicated propositions and advantages to high value customers;;
  • offer a tailored value added service ecosystem to cover all customer needs and all type of services: information, prevention, protection, assistance. Customers will be able to choose the services most relevant to them and we will monitor the impact in terms of experience and customer engagement. Thanks to our global connected service assets (e.g. Vitality, Jeniot) and our distinctive partnership with Europ Assistance we can create scale and innovate our Health, Mobility, Home & SME propositions;
  • propose a personalized packaging communicating clearly what is covered, which services and benefits customers get. We are committed to writing our documents in simple and clear language brought to live with an engaging storytelling.

Our goal is to ensure customers feel the solutions are tailored to their needs and that they get value every day.