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          Responsible business

          At Generali we believe sustainability is a necessary strategic way to approach business and not just a nice-to-have.

          It all stems from our purpose, to “enable people to shape a safer and more sustainable future by caring for their lives and dreams”.

          As an insurer we can tackle the megatrends of our times, protecting people, their health, our planet and future generations.

          It is about creating long-lasting value shared among a wide array of stakeholders: not only shareholders, investors and clients, but also employees, suppliers, the environment, local communities, and society as a whole.

          In our new strategyLifetime Partner 24: Driving Growthsustainability is the originator, inspired by our ambition to be a lifetime partner. Being the originator of the new strategy means for Sustainability to be a game changer, shaping the way all the decisions are taken leading Generali to be a transformative, generative and impact driven company, able to create shared-value.

          In the next three years our aim is to deliver a positive social and environmental impact on stakeholders by integrating even more sustainability in core business and processes, staying open to include our commitment in the community as an integral part of the overall strategic positioning.

          Responsible business

          We want to protect the environment, which we consider a primary asset to be preserved for future generations, implementing in the core business activities our Climate Change strategy, approved by our Board of Directors..

          We believe in the people who have chosen to work with us worldwide. We know that their talent, their diversity and their abilities to be inclusive allow us to be a more innovative Group, capable of changing our customers’ lives.

          Our sustainability commitment is not something new: consistently with our vision, throughout the years, we have publicly joined voluntary initiatives such as the Global Compact (2007), the Principles for Responsible Investment (2011), the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (2014) and the Paris Pledge for Action (2015).

          Progress at year-end 2021

          In 2021:

          € 19,894 MLN premiums from social and environmental products

          Insurance products, by their very nature, have a high social and environmental value given that they constitute a concrete response to pension and protection needs of customers and the growing needs of society. We constantly monitor risks that may have impact on the society and the environment as to identify opportunities and continue to create value.
          As part of our offering, we are committed to promote several high value-added solutions from a social and environmental perspective. Developing this type of coverage means providing a service that creates value over time, responding to new requirements related to emerging risks, fostering eco-sustainable conduct, and bridging gaps in the pension and public health services sectors. Embracing technology and innovation, we address habits and behaviour towards healthier and more informed lifestyles, favouring risk prevention rather than claims settlement. In order to encourage eco-sustainable conduct and support green activities, consistent with our Strategy on Climate Change, we develop and distribute sustainable insurance solutions (products and services) with particular attention to environmental protection.


          In 2021-2025:

          € 2,537 MLN of new green and sustainable investments

          Green and sustainable investments are investments that support green and/or social projects, with the explicit aim of creating a positive impact and contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
          In 2019, we set a target of € 4.5 billion green and sustainable investments by 2021, with a particular focus on direct investments in corporate and government bonds and in infrastructure.
          On the strength of achieving and surpassing this target one year in advance, we have renewed our commitment to fund activities that are able to make a positive commitment to the surrounding environment and to society, and we have set a new target of between € 8.5 and € 9.5 billion of new green and sustainable investments between 2021 and 2025.
          This goal is also part of our Climate Change Strategy.

          It is Generali’s global flagship initiative for the community, catalysing the majority of the Group’s social activities since 2017. It is deeply connected to our purpose extending it, beyond our customers, towards the most vulnerable communities.
          The Human Safety Net is a fundamental component of Generali's commitment to sustainability and to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. As to reach more people and achieve a greater impact, The Human Safety Net mobilizes the network of employees and agents, activating their skills, financial and technical resources towards common objectives.

          In 2021:

          The Human Safety Net

          The Human Safety Net programmes support families with young children (0-6 years old) and contribute to the integration of refugees through entrepreneurship or employment. They share the mission of unlocking the human potential of people living in vulnerable circumstances, so that they can transform the lives of their families and communities. The Human Safety Net brings together the strengths of non-profit organizations and the private sector, in Europe, Asia and South America.

          In compliance with internal guidelines, every country and legal entity of the Group can activate one or more of these programmes by carefully selecting a partner and performing a complete due diligence. All activities and impacts achieved are monitored through a shared measurement framework that tracks collective results and triggers learnings from one another, based on the Business for Societal Impact (B4SI) international standards.

          Over the next three years, we aim to further extend the impact and the reach of The Human Safety Net in the communities, as well as increasing the alignment to Generali’s core business. We will accelerate the engagement of Generali’s employees and agents - starting from the 500 THSN Ambassadors globally activated, involve our customers and keep on joining forces with other organisations that share our approach and vision, with Venice’s Procuratie Vecchie acting as a global hub.

          Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are a fundamental pillar of the European economy and one of the main drivers of the sustainable transition. That is why Generali haslaunched SME EnterPRIZE, the initiative dedicated to European SMEs to promote the adoption of sustainable business models and to provide visibility, also via a digital platform, to SMEs that have already done so, to stimulate public debate on the topic. SME EnterPRIZE is part of the initiatives launched to mark Generali’s 190th anniversary.

          The inspiration stems from the experience of Generali Italia and Generali France, who for years have valued and awarded sustainable SMEs, respectively with Welfare Index PMI in Italy and Generali Performance Globale in France.
          Through SME EnterPRIZE, Generali aims to provide visibility to the best practices implemented in three categories:

          • welfare, SMEs which have improved the well-being of employees and their families;
          • environment, SMEs which have contributed to important goals, such as the fight against climate change and the development of a circular economy;
          • community, SMEs which have implemented initiatives that positively impact the communities and territories in which they operate.

          The first edition of SME EnterPRIZE was presented in Brussels on 28th September 2021, in the presence of national and EU representatives. Among more than 6,000 SMEs participating, Generali presented the “Sustainability Heroes”, which are the companies selected from the three main categories across the European countries that joined the project. During the event, the conclusions of the White Paper Fostering Sustainability in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, promoted by Generali and developed by SDA Bocconi – School of Management Sustainability Lab, were also presented.

          SME EnterPRIZE is in line with Generali’s ambition to promote a greener and more inclusive society, consistent with the European Green Deal and Next Generation EU. In addition to promoting the most noteworthy examples and supporting SMEs in adopting more sustainable business models and practices, we want to encourage a continuous exchange of views with national and European institutions as well as with academia and the private sector. That way, we can examine the challenges and development opportunities for a business segment that is key to the sustainable growth of our continent’s economy.

          Generali is drawing up a distinctive offer dedicated to responsible consumers who want to have a positive impact on the environment and society. The offer consists of environmental and social products and sustainable investment solutions

          In 2021 we identified the macro areas in which the ecosystem of the responsible consumer is outlined, that is the aspects on which it is necessary to focus the integration of sustainability aspects, in order to ensure an offer fully in line with the expectations of customers: from product creation to sale, with particular attention to the relationship with agents and distributors, in line with our ambition to be a Life and Digital Transformation Partner.
          The first sustainable investment solutions launched by Banca Generali and Generali Italia in 2019, that link their offer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, have met with great interest from consumers.

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