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          Responsible business

          In Generali we believe sustainability is a necessary strategic way to approach business and not just a nice-to-have.
          It all stems from our purpose, to “enable people to shape a safer future by caring for their lives and dreams”.

          Responsible business

          The new Generali 2021 strategy is inspired by our ambition to be a life-time partner and is built on three pillars and three enablers; our sustainability commitment is an enabler of our strategy and it is about creating long-lasting value shared among a wide array of stakeholders: not only shareholders, investors and clients, but also employees, suppliers, the environment, local communities, and society as a whole.

          In the next three years we commit to increasing the portion of premiums deriving from green and social products by 7-9% and we will allocate €4.5 billion to green and sustainable investments. We will also launch two flagship initiatives: Responsible Consumers, a distinctive and customized product offering, and EnterPrize, an award for the best sustainable SMEs.

          At the same time, we are expanding even more our global community initiative, The Human Safety Net, aiming to unlock the potential of disadvantaged people so that they can transform the lives of their families and communities.

          We are committed to the protection of the environment, which we consider a primary asset to be preserved for future generations: in 2018 we published our Climate Change strategy.

          We believe in the people who have chosen to work with us worldwide. We know that their talent, their diversity and their abilities to be inclusive allow us to be a more innovative Group, capable of changing our customers’ lives.

          Our sustainability commitment is not something new: throughout the years, we have publicly joined voluntary initiatives such as the Global Compact (2007), the Principles for Responsible Investment (2011), the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (2014) and the Paris Pledge for Action (2015), consistently with our vision.

          Generali Group CEO and Chairman reply to the “A Fundamental Reshaping of Finance” letter from BlackRock’s CEO

          Read the letter by Philippe Donnet and Gabriele Galateri to Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager. In this letter, Mr. Donnet and Mr. Galateri provide a detailed overview on how Generali sees sustainability and integrates it in the business, thanks also to a sound governance system, in line with its purpose to enable people to shape a safer future by caring for their lives and dreams

          Read here the “A Fundamental Reshaping of Finance” letter from BlackRock.