07 June 2022 - 19:57

Milan - The Board of Directors of Assicurazioni Generali, at a meeting today chaired by Andrea Sironi, examined the proposal of the Appointments and Corporate Governance Committee to proceed with the appointment by co-optation of Roberta Neri - the first unelected candidate in the list presented by the shareholder VM2006 Srl at the Shareholders’ Meeting held on 29th April - to replace Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone, in line with the Company’s Articles of Association.

Following a vote by the Board of Directors, the candidate declined to accept the position. As a result, the Board of Directors has instructed the aforementioned Committee to propose a new candidate following the procedure described by the Company’s Articles of Association.

The Board has also redefined the Board Committees as follows:

  • Risk & Control Committee;
  • Remuneration and Human Resources Committee;
  • Appointments and Corporate Governance Committee;
  • Related Parties Transactions Committee;
  • Innovation and Sustainability Committee;
  • Investment Committee.

The Investment Committee has been assigned the task, inter alia, to instruct investment and divestment operations, for which ultimate responsibility lies with the Board, as well as merger and acquisitions, alliances and strategic partnerships, also through the creation of joint ventures, with a minimum value of € 250 million.

The Board has appointed the following members for the Investment Committee: Antonella Mei-Pochtler (Chair), Alessia Falsarone, Clara Furse, Lorenzo Pellicioli and Clemente Rebecchini. The composition of the remaining Board Committees remains the same as communicated on 12th May 2022. Marina Brogi and Flavio Cattaneo, directors elected from the list submitted by VM2006 Srl, have declared their availability to be part of the Board Committees starting from the date on which the Board will co-opt its new member, also depending on the competencies of the new director.