Sustainability and value creation in the Generali magazine

27 January 2020 - 14:50
  • The new issue of Bollettino contains the reflections of several voices on the role of companies in modern capitalism
  • The illustrations in this issue are by Marta Signori

The latest issue of “Bollettino”, the Generali Group company magazine in publication since 1893, is dedicated to the concept of sustainability. In an interview issued for Bollettino, the Group CEO, Philippe Donnet, stated: “Sustainability refers to the ability of a company to create long-term economic value, while at the same time taking care of the environment and creating a collective sense of wellbeing. It is a shared value that appeals to a wide group of stakeholders: not only shareholders and clients, but also employees, suppliers, local communities and society as a whole.”

The new issue of Bollettino, which can be downloaded from the website, offers reflections ranging from strategy, purpose and corporate vision to risk prevention, welfare and support for the most vulnerable. With contributions from commentators and influencers, journalists, artists, managers and educators, Bollettino proposes opening up the conversation to the community, with a view to mutual and responsible growth, aimed at listening to an increasing number of new social needs and responding to major global challenges.

Published for the first time in 1893, Generali’s Bollettino is the oldest company magazine in the world. Over time, it has evolved from the original way of circulating news and information about the company, to become today’s in-depth cultural, social and economics magazine. In 2019, it received the DotCom Award Platinum Winner in the best online magazine category and the Hermes Creative Award for publication interior design and graphics. Every new issue has a cover page and gallery of illustrations dedicated to that issues’ theme, offering a stimulating reading experience between the text and graphics. The illustrations are assigned to a different artist each time. For this issue, Bollettino chose Marta Signori, a conceptual and narrative illustrator, and contributor to numerous successful publications and magazines.