Generali: a partnership to develop smart eyeglasses to prevent car accidents

06 December 2017 - 11:12
  • Key device to enhance drivers’ protection

Milan – Generali Group has set a business partnership with the French start-up Ellcie Healthy, in order to develop innovative wearable devices like “smart eyeglasses”. Wearable connected devices are highly relevant to protect individuals as data captured through sensors enable preventing risk and improving users’ behaviour. Moreover, such devices are highly relevant for Motor business as connected eyeglass frame enables a remote monitoring of driver’s behaviour, assessing its level of fatigue and detecting risk of drowsiness. It will result in a decreasing number of car accidents.

Generali is funding start-ups to design innovative solutions to be embedded into insurance value proposition. With Ellcie Healthy, Generali has funded the design and engineering phase. Generali and Ellcie Healthy are now designing a specific value proposition focused on preventing drowsiness while driving.

Isabelle Conner, Generali Group Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, commented: “Connected devices are a key component of the digital experience we provide to our customers. Preventing risks and enabling a better life for customers are core to Generali.”

Philippe Peyrard, Ellcie Healthy Chief Executive Officer & Founder, added:
“Generali’s financial support allowed us to recruit talented professionals and accelerate our technical developments. It’s such a great opportunity for a startup to be considered a trusted partner”.

Close to 60% of adults in mature economies wear eyeglasses, making smart frames an important prevention solution. Thanks to sensors, the device collects physical, physiological and environment data (as temperature, humidity or UV radiation) and sends them through customer’s smartphone to Ellcie Healthy. Leveraging data analytics, risk is assessed automatically, and in case of critical situation, eyeglasses will beep and flashlight to alert users. In parallel, helpdesk calls passengers’ smartphone registered on the App to check actual need of support.