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          2013 corporate calendar

          Milan – Generali announced that the meeting for the approval of the report to the nine months at 30 September 2012 has been brought forward to 8 November 2012.

          The corporate calendar for the business year ending 31 December 2013 is presented below.

          Date Event Topics*
          Friday 22 February 2013    Board of Directors Disclosure of FY 2012 consolidated premiums
          Wednesday 13 March 2013 Board of Directors Approval of consolidated financial statements and draft separate financial statements for the year to 31 December 2012
          Thursday 14 March 2013 Results release
          Thursday 18 April 2013 Annual General Meeting record date  
          Tuesday 30 April 2013 Annual General Meeting Approval of the 2012 separate financial statements
          Thursday 9 May 2013 Board of Directors Approval of the quarterly report at 31 March 2013
          Friday 9 May 2013 Results release
          Thursday 1 August 2013 Board of Directors Approval of the half-year report at 30 June 2013
          Friday 2 August 2013 Results release
          Thursday 7 November 2013 Board of Directors Approval of the report to the 9 months at 30 September 2013
          Friday 8 November 2013 Results release

          (*) Topics of material importance pursuant to article 2.6.2 of the Stock Exchange Regulation
          The dates given above are provided purely as general indications: Any changes will be promptly announced to the market, using the channels used to distribute this statement. The information provided in this statement is also available on the company website


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