Generali publishes “NEXT”, the new issue of the Bollettino

In the year marking the Group’s 190th anniversary, the historic magazine explores how the pandemic is changing the world and explains Generali’s commitment to contribute to shaping the “next normal”

Trieste – Generali has published the latest edition of the Bollettino, the Group's historic magazine which has been published since 1893, reporting on current affairs through the authoritative voices of journalists, experts, and the Company's Top Managers, together with the contribution of the internal editorial staff.

At a time of profound environmental, social, and economic change, the latest issue of the magazine - titled “NEXT” - takes a snapshot of a world that was changed radically by Covid-19, while attempting to identify the trends that will characterise the society of the future.

The Bollettino offers considerations and in-depth analyses to explore the main features of the "next normal": an expression with multiple meanings, which includes both innovative ways of working, moving and socialising, and the new values and lifestyles that spread following the pandemic, influencing globalisation and socio-economic progress.

“In 1831, Assicurazioni Generali gambled on NEXT, an ‘interrupted future’ drawn from the new trade routes forming around the world, contributing to the birth of the modern age and laying the foundations for globalisation”, said the Chairman of Assicurazioni Generali, Gabriele Galateri di Genola. “There was goodness at the heart of this vision, offering a layer of protection to humanity as it went in search of knowledge, exploration and progress. That vision has brought us to where we find ourselves today, and now we are once more duty-bound to invest in the stage that follows, the ‘NEXT’, the green and digital revolutions, continuing to protect people, their inspirations and their future.”

Now more than ever, environmental protection, innovation and inclusion are essential aspects in the lives of individuals, communities and companies. Generali, which celebrates its 190th anniversary this year, also implemented investments aimed at sustainability and digitisation, and carried out several initiatives dedicated to ecological transition and inclusion such as SME EnterPRIZE and the WE - Women Equality project conceived by artist Pierre Maraval, which were described in “NEXT”.

“As Generali, we are continuing to invest in the recovery of the real economy through SMEs, infrastructure, education, healthcare and the energy transition. This is also why we continue our unflinching work to support European institutions, which are laying the groundwork for a green and digital recovery through their unprecedented recent contributions”, the Generali Group CEO, Philippe Donnet, commented. “It is now the responsibility of those with the greatest degree of knowledge and preparation to rise to the challenge of this change, to anticipate and interpret trends. To take the lead.”

The new issue of the Bollettino was illustrated by Marianna Tomaselli; it contains an editorial by the Chairman of Assicurazioni Generali, Gabriele Galateri di Genola, an analysis by the Group CEO Philippe Donnet, and contributions by external authors such as Dario Di Vico, journalist at Corriere della Sera; Vittorio Emanuele Parsi, political scientist and full professor of International Relations; Giovanna Melandri, Chairman of Fondazione Maxxi; Arthur Brooks, Professor at Harvard Unviersity; Mauro Magatti, sociology and economics expert; Luca Massimo Barbero, art historian and Director of Fondazione Cini’s Istituto di Storia dell’Arte.