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          The pandemic has changed everything. What comes next will be uncharted waters, a future with new paradigms that we are as yet unable to identify, because COVID has raised so many new questions in countless areas of our lives. “Next” tells the story of the sudden break in the path we were travelling: this experience has a clear before and after, and now is the time to look to that “after”, to plan for it and to learn to navigate it.


          The future that awaits us on the other side of the pandemic remains very much a terra incognita. This may seem at first glance to be a banal statement. After all, nobody is able to predict the future with any certainty, not even insurers, whose job is to forecast everything, especially the risks, to calculate their probability, assign them a value, and find solutions to mitigate them. And yet...
          by Gabriele Galateri di Genola

          Despite enabling us to reach unprecedented milestones, our development model also exposes us to risks and shocks. By changing perspective, we can learn to manage them.
          by Mauro Magatti

          We analyse globalisation from two perspectives, the pandemic (temporary) and the new geopolitical assets (contrasting).
          by Dario Di Vico

          Generali's role in addressing this critical challenge for our future is clear: lead the green transition from the front.
          by Philippe Donnet

          I am a professor and I teach a course called "Leadership and Happiness."
          by Arthur C. Brooks

          In the arts, meritocracy means representing an open community and offering a space for the complexity of our modern age.
          by Giovanna Melandri

          The “next generation” will be at the heart of European strategies: but who are Generation Alpha?
          by Loredana Cirillo

          COP26 demonstrated that there is a willingness to act on climate change. But there's no time to waste.
          The Editorial Office

          A photojournalism feature about a country that has been able to transform its economy by adopting sustainable models: Iceland.
          by Simone Tramonte

          A sustainable future starts with adopting a number of practical decisions and measures in the present.
          by Vittorio Emanuele Parsi

          We are approaching a new age of fiscal and monetary policy.
          by Generali Investments

          With SME EnterPRIZE, Generali seeks to assist European SMEs in their sustainable transition.
          The Editorial Office

          An international virtual exhibition and a digital artwork to recognise and give voice to women while contributing to equality.
          Interview with Pierre Maraval

          Generali’s many initiatives in support of international artistic heritage throughout its 190-year history.
          by the Editorial Office

          The “This is Tomorrow” project relays the values of Generali and the company’s longstanding love affair with illustrated posters through the work of six great illustrators.
          by Luca Massimo Barbero