M’illumino di meno, Generali switches off the lights of its headquarters in Milan, Venice, and Trieste

As a responsible citizen, the Group renews its participation to the Italian National Day of Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles promoted by Rai Radio2 and Caterpillar to encourage responsible resource consumption towards the sustainable transition.

For the 5th consecutive year, Generali participated in theM’illumino di menoinitiative switching off the lights of its headquarters in Milan, the iconic tower designed by Zaha Hadid, together with those of the Allianz Tower and PwC Tower, altering the CityLife landscape. The lights were also turned off in other Group headquarters: in Venice’s Procuratie Vecchie and in Trieste’s Palazzo Berlam.

Every year, the initiative calls on the community to turn off all unnecessary lights: it is a symbolic act with concrete, positive impacts on the planet and its inhabitants.


The “M’illumino di meno” initiative

M’illumino di meno is a symbolic initiative, launched for the first time in 2005 by Radio2 and Caterpillar to promote the culture of energy saving and encourage the sustainable transition.

Starting from this year, it becomes a fixed appointment thanks to the conversion of decree-law n. 17/2022, through which the Italian Parliament has recognized the National Day of Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles to take place every year on February 16th.


The 2023 edition of M’illumino di meno also intends to map the growing trend of Renewable Energy Communities: territorial alliances of public bodies and citizens that produce and distribute energy from alternative sources.


Generali’s commitment to the environment and climate protection

To support the transition to a more sustainable economy and society, Generali adopted clear principles to guide its decisions to:

  • limit global warming and develop climate change adaptation strategies;
  • reduce the consumption of natural resources and promote a circular economy;
  • protect and restore biodiversity, prevent pollution.


In June 2022, Generali updated its Group Strategy on Climate Change, providing an overview of the way sustainability is integrated into all Group activities: from investments to underwriting activities, from partnerships to initiatives for individuals, families, and companies, to promote a fair and socially just transition to a net-zero emission economy.

With sustainability as the originator of the ‘Lifetime Partner24: Driving Growth strategic plan, Generali is committed to being a responsible investor and insurer but also a responsible citizen, acting as a true Lifetime Partner for all stakeholders.

Barbara Lucini, Generali Country Italia Head of Sustainability & Social Responsibility, said: “Generali joins ‘M'illumino di meno’ with the shared goal of promoting sustainable lifestyles and behaviours to foster the Just Transition to a low greenhouse gas emissions economy. In line with the ‘Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth’ plan, sustainability is at the centre of our industrial strategy and our activities as a global insurer and asset manager.”

M’illumino di meno, Generali switches off the lights of its headquarters in Milan, Venice, and Trieste - M’illumino di meno