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          Customer Relationship Management

          We want to transform customer and agent journeys, expand touchpoints, and improve transparency and interactions.

          Our Ambition is to reinvent our customer, agent and employee journeys. To do so, we must ensure convergence and global standards, through collaboration and the CRM Centre of Excellence.

          To drive the CRM transformation and support the Group to fully explore the business benefits that advanced CRM can provide, we have to ensure our products and propositions evolve for the digital age and offer personalised insurance and value added services in a seamless omnichannel ecosystem. 

          Our products and propositions must evolve for the digital age to offer value-added, personalized insurance & non-insurance services, including 24/7 access to product and service portfolios.

          The CRM Centre of Excellence provides global support to the Business Units in 5 main areas:

          • Driving Global or Multi Divisional CRM Projects
          • Accelerating CRM Expertise across different Areas
          • Enhancing Alignment of Business and IT Organisations 
          • Reducing Deployment Risk and increasing Quality of the Release Lifecycle 
          • Driving Process Execution by sharing Knowledge, Resources and Tools

          Listen to Sofia Hristova, Group Head of Digital Channels, explaining what the Customer Relationship Management Digital Enabler is about and the added value it brings.