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Generali Protect Me app, your personalized extreme weather guardian

The innovative Generali Protect Me app, developed by Generali Deutschland and supported by the Generali Innovation Fund, keeps users informed and protected against extreme weather events with its localized pre-warning and real-time alerts

Innovation Team
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The world has been witnessing a troubling trend with extreme weather events becoming more frequent and intense. Projections already suggested that by 2023 these events could occur at a staggering rate of 1.5 per day. From devastating floods, powerful storms, and scorching heatwaves, people worldwide are feeling the impact. Despite advances in technology, warning systems often struggle to reach the affected population in time, amplifying the toll of these disasters. Now more than ever, and for the years to come, we need efficient ways to reach populations.

Providing the protection needed

To tackle this issue, Generali Deutschland has developed an innovative weather alert app called “Generali Protect Me” that effectively helps the users in managing the risks associated with the extreme weather events. The application was created in collaboration with the renowned German weather data provider Meteologix, known for its ability to provide more granular information on weather conditions, and co-funded by the Generali Innovation Fund , an initiative that supports and accelerates innovation across the whole Group.

Generali Protect Me serves as a personalized weather monitoring and alert system. The application offers users precise and localized pre-warning and real-time alerts for their chosen locations, enabling proactive preparation and risk mitigation. Whether at home or on the road, users can rely on the app to deliver timely notifications about impending weather hazards, allowing them to take appropriate actions to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property. Furthermore, it also offers users actionable tips and guidance to mitigate the impact of extreme weather events and navigate emergency situations effectively, seamlessly aligning with Generali's commitment as a Lifetime Partner.  

Hands-free assistance when on the road

Generali Protect Me provides drivers with essential assistance for peace of mind on the road. The app’s live map feature provides up-to-date information on dangers such as aquaplaning and fog on highways, allowing drivers to adjust their travel plans accordingly and avoid risky situations. Moreover, users can initiate hands-free assistance prior to starting their drive. Once on highways or state roads, they’ll receive real-time alerts tailored to their precise GPS location. These notifications are read aloud enhancing the user’s ability to navigate safely through challenging weather conditions. This functionality allows drivers to stay informed without diverting their attention from the road, enhancing safety.

Leading innovation, a pillar of Generali’s strategy

Leading innovation is one of the pillars of the “Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth” strategic plan and investment in digital technology leveraging the potential of data will total € 1.1 billion over the course of the plan. As a customer-focused and data-driven innovator, our aim is to enhance customer value through the “Lifetime Partner” advisory model. This includes expanding our digital advisory capabilities and implementing a seamless approach across all distribution channels.

Generali Protect Me is currently available in Germany. You can download the app on iOS and Android.