Artificial Intelligence and business

Advantages and opportunities of a revolution in technology

AI or Artificial Intelligence is already part of our daily lives and is now used in most large companies all over the world and across a wide range of sectors. It has pushed businesses to change their organisation and behaviour.

There are many examples of how the use of Artificial Intelligence within companies and in business processes has brought about positive results: automating repetitive and low-value-added parts of processes that were previously carried out by humans reduces errors and enables the development of new products and services.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence technology within companies is used to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and revenue and improve customer experience.

Major global corporations are taking the first steps in this direction, and the first to achieve concrete results will benefit from a huge competitive advantage.

Artificial Intelligence, in fact, brings many advantages for companies: greater efficiency in financial and risk modelling; increased control of cyber security threats; and improved efficiency of Big Data management.

Regarding financial markets in particular, Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to:

  • improve risk management and decision-making, by ensuring the use of sophisticated algorithms aimed at making rational decisions;
  • optimise fraud detection using Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), a distinct area of AI research capable of detecting patterns in raw data and identifying abnormal behaviour;
  • provide consultancy services that make recommendations for maximum spending results;
  • create intelligent trading systems capable of generating consistent profits;
  • improve blockchain transactions by optimising data management processes and improving process mining.