Responsible Corporate Citizen

The Human Safety Net brings together a community of 800 employee volunteers across 22 countries

for a 2 day worldwide digital Hackathon to support families

  • Joining efforts with the global “Parenting for Lifelong Health” project, initiated by leading organizations University of Oxford, UNICEF and WHO
  • Developed resources will be disseminated through The Human Safety Net’s partner NGOs and to the families of Generali customers 

Generali brought together over 800 employee volunteers from 22 countries to take part in The Human Safety Net’s digital hackathon to support the aims of the “Parenting for Lifelong Health” (PLH) initiative. The hackathon developed a large set of free parenting material with the ambition to make it available to millions of families worldwide. This content was created by parenting experts and with the support of leading organizations (WHO, UNICEF, University of Oxford) with the ambition to help families in distress to rebuild positive parent-child relationships.

By adapting the content in more than 20 languages, The Human Safety Net aims to support millions of vulnerable families. The event took place on 2nd and 3rd February through an innovative, digital hackathon. During the forty-eight hours of the hackathon, more than 800 volunteers joined the effort, as translators, quality controllers, and video recorders came together as part of a movement of people helping people. 

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge to parents and children worldwide, but especially so for disadvantaged families, due to lockdown rules, rising unemployment, school closures and other significant social and economic challenges that can affect families, with an immediate and potentially long-term impact.

All produced material will be given to the “Parenting for Lifelong Health” (PHL). In addition, The Human Safety Net will activate a global dissemination plan to reach vulnerable families in 22 countries through our community of partner NGOs. Generali will also make the contents available to the millions of families of its customers worldwide.