Responsible Employer

Back to the future of the real economy

To mark its 190th anniversary, Generali has launched the Fenice 190 investment plan to support the relaunch of the European economy, promoting a more sustainable and responsible economic model

The path towards a post-pandemic normality will likely prove stony, amid macro-economic toppish data, rising Covid worries and China’s regulatory clampdown that are weighing on the outlook. Yet while these factors may retard the global recovery, they will unlikely derail it.

Within this framework of improved economic perspectives, the insurance and asset management sectors can play a key role in giving confidence to investors and in motivating them to direct the accumulated liquidity towards professional investment solutions. It will be essential to mobilize these resources, not only in the perspective of making them profitable for investors, but also in the context of an economic recovery that requires a virtuous federation between public and private investments. 

As a large investor globally, we play a strategic role in shaping the future of the economies and societies in which we operate. Our investments and activities can drive transformation in key sectors such as infrastructures, energy, and health. Together with our investors we can change global economies and adapt them towards a more sustainable and inclusive way of conceiving, manufacturing, and selling products and services.

In this direction, for its 190th anniversary, Generali has launched Fenice 190, an investment plan worth 3.5 billion euros to support the relaunch of the European economies, starting with Italy, France and Germany and continuing then in all European countries where the Group is present. Over 1 billion euros has already been allocated through 10 investment funds focused on infrastructures, innovation and digitalization, SMEs, green habitability, health care facilities, education, to which is added an additional annual commitment of 500 million euros, for the next 5 years. 

Our plan will support the recovery of the European market, promoting a more positive, sustainable, and responsible economic model, thanks to an investment approach fully aligned with the UN’s 17 sustainable Development Goals.

We have in front of us a scenario that is unique in history, and management companies could make the difference, thanks to the ability to support companies, assets and projects re-starting after the health and economic crisis.