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Generali, a solid and profitable growth

In 2019 the Group is on track with the targets of the ‘Generali 2021’ strategy

The Group CEO of Generali Philippe Donnet presents 2019 full-year financial results that showed a profitable growth across all business segments thanks to the disciplined and effective implementation of the ‘Generali 2021’ strategic plan.
The results confirm the Group’s technical excellence and its solid capital position, despite a deterioration in macroeconomic conditions and a continuing scenario of low interest rates.
The Group’s operating result represents its best-ever performance at € 5.2 billion million and the net profit grew to € 2.7 billion. The dividend proposal increased by 6% to € 0.96 per share, compared to the previous year.
These results were achieved thanks to the contribution from all of Generali’s people - employees, agents and partners - who work to help us achieve our ambition of being a Life-time Partner to our customers.
Our priority is to foster the Group’s growth that incorporates our long-term commitment to Sustainability, become a key enabler of the Company strategies.