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          09 March 2017

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          Dealing with the mysteries of an unknown future

          Dealing with the mysteries of an unknown future

          The state of uncertainty is an innate condition of existence, intrinsic to the very concept of time as an entity which ends, and the fact that eternity does not exist. The impossibility of directly controlling one’s own future provokes a natural sense of disorientation in men and women, with regard to the events in their life.
          Throughout history, humanity has always strived to reduce this natural cognitive gap, sometimes also relying on methods for which no scientific evidence exists, such as astrology and superstition, in the hope of finding refuge in the possibility of sharing this uncertain common destiny.
          However, history has also witnessed the formation of exact sciences, such as statistics and the calculation of probabilities which, based on data and figures, have helped to limit the mysteries of the future.
          Data and figures are the elements that constitute the founding nucleus of an insurance, an entity which, by foreseeing and managing a risk, succeeds in intervening to provide a guarantee designed to protect us from the many uncertainties of life: from the simplest perplexities we encounter as children to the more pressing worries we experience as adults.