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Integrated report

Corporate reporting as a type of literary form

Sometimes it would be nice to consider corporate reporting as a type of literary form, albeit a minor one.

This means believing that it can be an effective way to disclose comprehensive information to specialists (investors, analysts etc.) as well as to engage a broader audience due to its conciseness and simplicity.

This is the path that Generali, a pioneering company in Italy, has undertaken, on the basis of two new institutional developments: the new EU directives, which involve the inclusion of non-financial information, and greater transparency concerning strategies regarding topics such as the environment and social responsibility. In addition, it has decided to draft the integrated report promoted by the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council).

Generali’s decision to prepare the Integrated Report is closely linked to Integrated Thinking, an increasingly widespread approach at international level that involves the sharing of feedback and collaboration between the new Group Integrated Reporting & CFO Hub department and other areas (Investor & Rating Agency Relations, Group Communications & Public Affairs etc.) to prepare the report. This approach has increased the interaction between departments, improving internal information flows and moving beyond the so-called silo approach.

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