The Business Unit International is Generali's third largest Business Unit.

Generali's business unit International is the third largest business unit within the Generali Group

From September 2022, with the new organizational structure, the Business Unit International extended its perimeter over the Eastern Europe countries. The 26 countries of the BU are now organized in three main regions:

  • International – Asia. This region constitutes China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong SAR and Vietnam.
  • International - Central Eastern Europe. This region comprehends Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia and Slovenia.
  • International - Mediterranean & Latin America. This region comprehends Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

International Business Unit represents the engine of growth and profitability of General Group over the next years and is by nature, the most diverse unit of Generali. The unit’s aim is to leverage on this diversity to create long-term value, to be innovative and sustainable; to make the difference for people, clients, partners as well as the communities in which it operates. 

Manager in Charge

Jaime Anchustegui

Jaime Anchustegui

CEO International


The countries of the BU are now organized in three main regions: