Generali publishes its first Tax Transparency Report

13 April 2022 - 20:24

Milan – Generali, in line with market best practice, has published on its website its first Tax Transparency Report, which provides an overview of the Group’s commitment to its tax responsibilities. The Report describes the pillars of Generali’s approach to taxes, as stated in its publicly available Tax Strategy.

In addition, the Report outlines the Group’s Total Tax Contribution of € 8.5 billion for the year 2021, providing a detailed representation by geographic area and by country.

Generali’s tax contribution is in line with its sustainability strategy and Lifetime Partner commitment towards its customers and communities. Fair, effective and stable tax payments are a fundamental part of government funding, in order to provide essential public services.

Considering comprehensive tax reporting as an enabling factor in its approach to taxation, Generali has always promptly supported OECD initiatives to promote tax transparency, submitting its Country-by-Country Report to the Italian Tax Authority since the reporting year 2016.