Generali co-opts Stefano Marsaglia to its Board of Directors

15 July 2022 - 16:14 price sensitive

Milan – The Board of Directors of Assicurazioni Generali, at a meeting today chaired by Andrea Sironi, announced the co-optation, by majority, of Stefano Marsaglia as a member of the Board, in accordance with the provisions of art. 28.13 of the Articles of Association, following the resignation of Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone.

In order to appoint this director, according to the unanimously approved proposal of the Appointments and Corporate Governance Committee, the Board examined the unelected candidates included in the list presented by the shareholder VM 2006 Srl at the Shareholders’ Meeting held in Trieste on 29th April 2022. Therefore, the Board acknowledged the unavailability of Claudio Costamagna and by majority, without the consent of the directors Marina Brogi and Flavio Cattaneo, judged that Luciano Cirinà did not meet the requirements for appointment. The Board then proceeded to vote for the candidates Alberto Cribiore, Maria Varsellona, Paola Schwizer and Andrea Scrosati, in which all received a favourable vote by the majority of the Board. However, as these candidates set a unanimous vote as the condition for their acceptance, no appointment (as had previously occurred for the candidate Roberta Neri) was finalised. The Board subsequently proceeded, again by majority, without the consent of the directors Brogi and Cattaneo, to appoint Stefano Marsaglia. This appointment was approved by the Board of Statutory Auditors, pursuant to art. 2386 of the Italian Civil Code.

Stefano Marsaglia, 67 years old, has been appointed as an independent director. The Turin-born Italian citizen has a long experience in investment banking having held leading roles in Rothschild, Barclays and Mediobanca. He is currently CEO of Azzurra Capital, a private equity company and is a member of the Advisory Board of Afinity, a multinational active in the field of AI. The Board verified the suitability of the member with the professional, reputational, independence and eligibility requirements set forth for listed insurance companies by the applicable provision of law and by the Corporate Governance code, as well as internal regulations.

As of today, Stefano Marsaglia holds no shares in Assicurazioni Generali.

The curriculum vitae of the new director will be available on the company’s website.