17 September 2021 - 07:30

Milan - Assicurazioni Generali informs that yesterday it had received from Delfin S.a r.l. a communication relating to an addition to the document containing the essential information, pursuant to art. 130 of the Issuers' Regulations, regarding the Shareholders' Agreement concerning the ordinary shares of the Company, stipulated between some companies of the Caltagirone group and Delfin S.a r.l.

The communication explains that the addition to the aforementioned essential information was requested by Consob to also summarise the content of the clauses – although not entirely related to the Shareholders’ Agreement - governing the obligation to reciprocally share information regarding further purchases of shares and the right of third parties to join the agreement. The communication specifies that the essential information bears the indication of a greater number of syndicated shares as a result of purchases made in the meantime by some of the signatories.

The additional essential information is attached to this press release and published on the authorised storage mechanism, eMarket storage (, and on the website of the company.