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          Generali contributes to the purchasing of 20 million masks for Civil Protection

          • The Group provides 14 million Euro through the Extraordinary International Fund for the Covid-19 emergency

          Milan – Assicurazioni Generali, within the context of the Extraordinary International Fund launched to deal with the Covid-19 Emergency, has made a contribution to Italy’s Civil Protection Department in relation to the supply of around 20 million professional masks for operators involved in the Covid-19 health emergency. The first supply will be delivered within two weeks, the second within three weeks.

          The effective public-private partnership, which involves a total investment of around €28 million – of which € 14 million committed by the Civil Protection and € 14 million made available by Generali through the Covid-19 Extraordinary International Fund Emergency Fund set up by Generali on 13 March –, enables the lack of an indispensable piece of equipment for the protection of health workers in all Italian regions to be resolved and shows how useful and important continuous dialogue is between the State and the companies involved in supporting, in various ways, the pandemic emergency.

          The Generali Group, operating in 50 countries around the world, has activated its global network to support Civil Protection in the search for suppliers of the health equipment necessary to deal with the emergency. Contact has been initiated with various suppliers, in particular in China.

          Domenico Arcuri, Special Commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency, said: “I would like to thank the Generali Group for the truly valuable support; but I would also like to thank the Group for making its global network available, which is extremely useful because it can create contact with potential new suppliers. This contribution is yet further proof of the extraordinary solidarity of the country’s system in the most painful and difficult period that Italy has gone through since World War II. A period in which the State has clearly demonstrated its ability to act quickly and identify the right tools and channels to respond to the most urgent demands.”

          Assicurazioni Generali Chairman Gabriele Galateri di Genola and Generali Group CEO Philippe Donnet commented: “The Generali Group is proud to be able to make a tangible contribution to the Italian Civil Protection Department, which is working on an unprecedented scale at the moment. The Fund, launched a few days ago, is now involved in many practical initiatives. We would also like to thank the Group’s employees who, starting with Italy, have decided to contribute to the Fund, adding their donations to those of the Company. It is an important sign of solidarity at a time of particular need.”

          Assicurazioni Generali is also undertaking initiatives in other countries where the group operates, with particular attention to those most affected by the virus, such as Spain, France and Asia.


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