Execution of the special stock plan for Managing Director / Group CEO Philippe Donnet related to the 2016-2018 term in office

08 July 2019 - 18:35

Trieste - We inform that on last Friday July 5th the performance assessment period of the special stock plan for the Managing Director / Group CEO Philippe Donnet approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on April 27th 2017 has ended; the plan details are disclosed in the documentation for the Shareholders’ Meeting on the website www.generali.com.

The plan, referred to the performance period from July 5th 2016 to July 5th 2019, provided for the award to the Managing Director / Group CEO of maximum 200,000 free shares of the Company (further to possible maximum 50,000 additional shares so called “dividend equivalent”), according to the Total Shareholders Return (TSR) level of increase in the above mentioned reference period (subject to the holding, by the Managing Director / Group CEO, until the natural end of the former term in office, of 200,000 shares of the Company autonomously purchased on the market, to a so called gate in terms of solvency and to the absence of so called malus cases).

Based on the result in terms of TSR verified on July 5th 2019 related to the plan performance period, and on the basis of the verification of all the further conditions provided by the plan itself, in execution of the plan a capital increase has been resolved for 172,508 Company shares having a par value of € 1.00 each, including the additional so called “dividend equivalent” shares, that will be awarded to Mr. Philippe Donnet. The shares will be subject to the so-called minimum holding period, as set forth in the plan rules.

The execution of the resolution is subject to the authorization by IVASS of the amendments to the Articles of Association.