The Roots of the Present museum now in 3D. A Virtual Tour on a discovery of Ancient Rome

13 February 2018 - 11:45

Milan – Generali introduced a Virtual Tour of the Roots of the Present museum, which is located at the headquarters in Piazza Venezia in Rome where the Company's archaeological collection is on display and innovative educational staging presents works from the Roman Empire period that tell of the evolution of the heart of ancient Rome.

The Virtual Tour offers participants a 360° visit of all the museum rooms, both in Italian and English, for a simple and immediate glimpse into the history of the area between Trajan's Forum and the slopes of Campidoglio, evolutions undergone by Piazza Venezia - with the unique point of view from Trajan's Column - the worship of household deities, and the relationship with the afterlife. The virtual route is enriched by a number of themed leaflets and videos that provide in-depth information on Roman culture and the individual artefacts.

Facing the Imperial Fora, the museum has exhibited the three elements of the Generali collection since 2012: those unearthed during the excavations for the foundations of the Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali, and those already on display in two historic buildings, Palazzo Poli in Piazza di Spagna and Palazzo Merolli in Via delle Tre Cannelle.

Founded to introduce the younger generations to Italy's culture and history by valorising the national historic and archaeological heritage, the Museum is hosted in an area of around 700 sqm. and comprises 300 artefacts from Imperial Rome dating between the 1st and 5th centuries AD, in addition to a Greek relief sculpture from the 4th century BC.

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Roots of the Present museum
For more information and to book a visit:
Toll-free number: 800 360 622 (active from to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

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The Roots of the Present museum now in 3D. A Virtual Tour on a discovery of Ancient Rome