Generali renews the partnership with Friends of the Triennale di Milano to benefit university students

21 September 2018 - 13:45

Milan - Generali renewed its partnership with the Triennale di Milano, as a result of an initiative by Friends of the Triennale, to distribute a membership card to 500 university students in Milan that allows unlimited, free-of-charge access to the Triennale’s activities.

The initiative was presented today during an event at the Triennale Teatro dell’Arte, during which the Generali Group CEO, Philippe Donnet, spoke with journalist Andrea Cabrini, director of CLASS CNBC, about the company’s role in society, the arts, and innovative thought, along with the Chairperson of Friends of the Triennale Association, Elena Tettamanti.

The Generali Group CEO Philippe Donnet, stated: “Generali wants to play an active role in encouraging community involvement. Supporting the Triennale di Milano project means bringing people together and, in particular, raising awareness in young people regarding education in our cultural heritage, an element of growth for the community, a stimulus for innovation and development for the economy.”

The Chairman of Friends of the Triennale, Elena Tettamanti, noted: “Once again this year, the number of students participating in the Friends of the Triennale initiative confirms the project’s success and recognises the merit of initiatives supported by Friends of the Triennale for younger generations."

The Chairman of Triennale di Milano, Stefano Boeri, wished to send his greetings to all participants at the meeting: "Making the Triennale di Milano more available to young people, seeing them at exhibitions, events, and festivals that we organise, is one of our key objectives. We express our thanks to Generali who, by participating in the Friends of the Triennale project, are supporting us in reaching our objectives.”

Generali is committed to promoting and providing access to culture by supporting artistic and literary activities, cultural institutions, and encouraging appreciation of our cultural heritage, such as the “Radici del Presente” (Roots of the Contemporary) archaeological museum in Rome and the Generali Group Historical Archives.

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