The Mobile Hub app wins the Argus de l’assurance digitale award as best mobile strategy

14 November 2017 - 17:00

Milan – Competing in Paris for the “Best mobile strategy” category, Generali Group has been awarded the Argus de l’assurance digitale prize for Mobile Hub, the internationally launched mobile-app, known in France as Mon Generali.
The prize, awarded by one of the most prestigious insurance magazine L’Argus del’Assurance, recognizes the Group’s commitment and determination to implement its strategic plan with a more digital and innovative approach that makes Generali simpler, smarter, faster.

Mobile Hub represents an innovative tool, providing to its users a simple and quick mobile communication channel to connect with their insurance agent. Through this platform, the users can easily and independently manage their own insurance assets with their mobile phones and, in case of emergency they can directly contact the support team, while monitoring the assistance process. As of now, this service is available in France and Switzerland, but will soon be available in other Countries.

Isabelle Conner, Generali Group Chief Marketing & Customer Officer, commented: “This award acknowledges the hard work carried out by Generali Group and confirms our ability to remain at the cutting-edge of digital innovation. Thanks to the adoption of increasingly customized solutions we aim to increase the brand’s visibility and significantly raise the level of consumer preference, in line with our customer-oriented strategy.

Carline Huslin, Head of Marketing and Multichannel Customer Experience at Generali France, added: "This award represents the formal recognition to a project of major relevance within our process of transformation. Also thanks to the collaboration with Europ Assistance we have been able to offer a more intuitive experience for our clients and an improved ease in resolving problems.