Publication of the quarterly periodic financial information

29 September 2016 - 07:30

Trieste – On a consistent basis with the development of the reference legislative framework and having taken into account the needs of our stakeholders, as already announced in the press release published on July 29, Assicurazioni Generali has decided to develop, as from the third quarter of 2016, its quarterly financial disclosure by means of a more concise representation of its business focused on the significant information.

In detail, the informative elements included in the press release of the Group’s quarterly periodic financial information will concern at least the following quantitative KPIs, on a consistent basis with those provided in the annual and half yearly reports:

  • Premium performance, new business, net inflows (Group, life and P&C breakdown)
  • Combined ratio trend
  • Operating Result (Group, life and P&C breakdown)
  • Result for the period
  • Shareholders’ equity
  • Capital position (economic and regulatory view)

The press release may also contain additional qualitative and quantitative information to better explain the evolution of the business, when necessary.
As envisaged, this information will be approved by the Board of Directors and published on the Group’s website as per the timescales already envisaged in the Group’s financial calendar for the publication of the quarterly results (
The conference call for focus with the journalists and the analysts will go ahead as usual; in line with the Generali’s new approach on quarterly reporting, the Presentation of results and the Supplementary financial information will be provided only with the half year and full year results.