Generali receives the Big Data Innovation Award from Politecnico di Milano

29 November 2016 - 15:30

Milan - The Generali Group has received the Big Data Innovation Award from Politecnico di Milano in the “Innovative governance model for the management of data science” category.

Dedicated to Big Data Analytics solutions, the award is recognition of Generali’s commitment to an innovative governance model for the management of Data Science through the creation of the Analytics Solution Center, which has enabled it to adopt a multidisciplinary approach involving various departments in the project team.

Valter Trevisani, Group Chief Insurance Officer of Generali, said: “This award acknowledges the hard work carried out by the Generali Group and is confirmation of our ability to remain at the cutting-edge of digital innovation and the data analytics sector. Thanks to the adoption of these advanced data analysis techniques we are able to tackle the challenges presented by digital transformation to form a better understanding of the daily behaviour of our customers. In fact, our goal is to provide them with increasingly innovative, personalised and technologically advanced solutions.”

The Generali Group’s centralised Analytics Solution Center - directed by Maddalena Amoruso - is tasked with developing the adoption of broad analytical approaches. Indeed, Generali recognises the importance of being able to strengthen its ability to extract value, through the adoption of advanced analytical techniques, from internal and external data in order to meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities generated by digital transformation, by the spread of the Internet of Things, and by the evolving needs and behaviour of its customers. Examples of expertise developed by the Group regard the identification of fraud, the analysis of customers, market forecasts, telematics and the analysis of unstructured data. The organisational model takes the form of a balanced hub & spoke: the Analytics Solution Center acts as the hub and transfers the expertise it has developed to the business lines throughout the Group, which are the spokes. The level of involvement of the business units is flexible and varies according to their maturity and the characteristics of the specific project in terms of complexity and level of innovation.