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          Generali’s global action against Covid-19

          All over the world, we are working to develop initiatives to protect our people and face the coronavirus emergency

          Being Lifetime Partner to our people and customers is for us of the utmost importance and, today more than ever, it means building trust and joining forces to overcome the emergency. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, we have immediately taken action to protect the health of our people, be it employees, agents or business partners, and to preserve services continuity.

          In all of our premises worldwide, we have put in place technology and processes that allow many of our employees to work from home, limiting their need to be physically present or commute to minimum levels; in addition, we have limited or cancelled trips and meetings, sanitized our offices and established, where possible, internal medical services.

          We have done this with a sense of urgency whilst making sure we can guarantee the continuity of all our operations to support our customers in this difficult moment, providing timely and accurate information on alternative channels available for customer service as well as on new products and additional provisions to existing contracts to alleviate those hit by the virus.

          In addition to this, several of our Business Units have developed special initiatives to assist our people and customers:

          • Generali Deutschland helped transport 1500 medical suits donated by China from Munich to Italy, taking care of internal logistics and working with Air Dolomiti, the Italian regional airline owned by Lufthansa, and the Italian Embassy in Berlin.
          • Generali France is part of the € 200 million Insurance Federation contribution to the € 1 billion solidarity fund created by the French government dedicated to VSEs, SMEs and self-employed workers in difficulty, for whom there have been several adaptations and extensions of insurance contracts. The Business Unit has also donated more than 10,000 masks to Saint-Denis hospital; Europ Assistance France has also been very proactive by lending medical material (7 respirators and 7 oximeters) to a major Parisian hospital and by organizing the medical repatriation of French citizens. Remote healthcare consultations have increased threefold since early March, and around 50,000 aged people can benefit from remote support. Moreover, Generali Real Estate France has made available 15 vacant apartments in Paris (around 50 bedrooms) to anticipate the sanitary crisis and meet the needs of hospital staff.
          • Generali Switzerland took actions against people isolation with the initiative “heroes against loneliness”; it includes phone calls made by employees and agents to clients belonging to risk groups to enquire about their wellbeing, the creation of a landing page where people can register and be connected to each other, and the possibility for associations, companies and NGOs to get involved.
          • Among other things, Generali Italia developed new covers for its insurance solution GeneraSalute to support Italian companies and their employees, offering hospitalization and convalescence benefits and multiple personal care services such as GP home visits and home delivery of groceries. In addition, a toll-free phone number was activated with the support of Europ Assistance for all Group employees and agents in Italy – including their family members – to provide certified medical information and medical assessment in case of flu-like symptoms, as well as psychological support and a dedicated phone caring service for people in mandatory quarantine to periodically check on their health conditions. A similar service is also being developed in Germany, Poland and Portugal for Generali employees and B2C partners, and in the Czech Republic for the general public. Europ Assistance Italy has also donated four lung ventilators to help face the emergency in  Lombardy. Finally, through DAS, the Generali Italia company specialising in legal protection, a “legal help desk” is available for all legal issues related to the spread of the coronavirus and the actions required to contain the epidemic.
          • In Spain, Europ Assistance donated a lung ventilator to the Getafe hospital in Madrid and activated a phone service to offer free psychological support to employees, agents and their families. In addition to this, Generali España has activated three phone lines: Covid-19 Information, to provide official information on the epidemic and, if need be, to refer the call to healthcare professionals; Amigo Generali, through which it is possible to receive emotional support; and Telepharmacy service, that allows employees and agents to receive home deliveries of medicines, under the conditions established by the authorities (costs are to be assumed by users).
          • In Greece, action was taken to extend the renewal notice period by 30 days for all Protection - open for sale - products; moreover, the business unit decided to waiver the exception of pandemic in case of Covid-19 infection for existing policy holders, while offering daily hospital allowance coverage and death reimbursement.
          • In Turkey, an online service is being developed to provide customers with free advice and consultations with certified personal trainers, chefs and dieticians, in addition to discounts for grocery home delivery and free Netflix and Spotify subscriptions.
          • In Austria and Hungary, in addition to information on how to contact customer service and local agents, blogs were created to provide information and tips on health, fitness, prevention measures and inspiration on activities during isolation at home.
          • In Poland, a call centre was created with the support of Europ Assistance Poland and it is active 24/7 to provide information to clients about travel precautions and how to prevent the infection from spreading.
          • In the Czech Republic, thanks to the financial support from Generali Investments CEE amounting to CZK 1.5 million, Good Will Committee – Olga Havlová Foundation established the Senior Support Fund. The program aims to support field social services designed especially for seniors so that they do not stay at home in isolation without food, medication, and medical assistance. Moreover, Generali Česká pojišťovna has collaborated with the Czech Nurses Association for the campaign “Pomáháme sestřičkám” (Helping nurses), which aims at providing help and mental support to the healthcare professionals who are at the forefront of efforts to face the emergency. Generali has also joined the nation-wide campaign #ChránímTebe (#ProtectingYou) in which celebrities inform the public about the importance of prevention and the need to use protective masks.
          • In order to protect the health of its customers and facilitate the remote management of insurance-related affairs, Generali Srbija has created a contact centre and a special Medic Call centre for clients with medical insurance. In addition, travel insurance policies have been extended for all customers who are abroad and cannot return home.
          • In Hong Kong, a coronavirus coverage was offered to business partners and customers (as a complementary coverage to a number of life insurance plans), consisting of hospital cash benefits and additional death benefits.
          • Generali China Insurance was the first to develop a Covid-19 protection policy for employees of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country, in collaboration with its partner Nanyan InsurTech. Other initiatives have followed, including the extension of existing insurance plans for both individuals and SMEs and a donation to charity foundations to support medical treatment and provide protective gear in severely affected areas. Generali China Insurance Insurance decided to offer an insurance to all Chinese Medical Experts in Italy, to fully protect their safety and healthy. In cooperation with Europ Assistance Italy, Generali Concierge Services, has also been activated a 24/7 dedicated hotline. The phone assistance that is offered with customized support services let the doctors to receive the help they need.

          Further initiatives to support all Group employees, partners and customers are still being developed, testifying to our commitment to leveraging on our expertise to protect our people and face today’s challenges together.