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          Revert’s challenge for a world without ALS

          Revert’s challenge for a world without ALS

          Finding a cure for neurodegenerative diseases, which are increasing in frequency in the general population, is the goal of Associazione Revert, an Italian non-profit charity organisation which is at the cutting edge at international level in brain stem cell research.


          Revert is the first non-profit in the world to sponsor human trials on the use of brain stem cells to treat these illnesses, and it was the first to transplant them in people, as part of clinical trials approved by the Italian National Institute of Health.


          Revert is committed to cell therapy clinical trials on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Today, it presented the first encouraging results of a research project that began in 2012 with the support of Generali.


          Indeed, the first phase of the clinical trial is now complete: this is a fundamental step that makes it possible to launch phase two, which will involve 60-80 patients suffering from ALS. The technique developed in 1996 by Professor Angelo Vescovi, professor of cellular biology at Bicocca University in Milan, combines advanced scientific research and ethics, because it uses brain stem cells exclusively from foetuses that have died due to natural causes.