Generali participates with The Human Safety Net in the Trieste Spring Run

Sport, participation and sharing. Through its Foundation The Human Safety Net, the Company supported the Trieste Family Spring Run, running with families and employees to promote wellbeing, solidarity and inclusion and its group ranked as the largest among those participating

Generali participated as a partner in the Trieste Spring Run, the sporting event that welcomes all runners, professionals and amateurs, with its unique route between the Karst and the sea. The Group supported the non-competitive event of the Trieste Family Spring Run through The Human Safety Net, running with its employees and families that spend time at the centres created thanks to the Foundation as part of the "Ora di Futuro" project. Thanks to this successful initiative, the group ranked as the largest among those participating.

On Sunday 8 May, the family run started from the Miramare Castle and ended at Ponterosso in front of Palazzo Berlam, Generali's headquarters. A colourful group of mothers, fathers and children, together with educators from the centres, was accompanied by the "THSN Ambassadors", volunteers from Generali who are dedicated to amplifying the activities of The Human Safety Net.

Emma Ursich, Secretary General of The Human Safety Net Foundation, commented: "The Trieste Family Spring Run is a sporting event that embraces the city of Trieste: not just sport and participation, but sharing and solidarity. This is why we are pleased to collaborate in this event that combines sport, competition and popular participation, so that the message of a healthy life to be pursued through sport is accompanied by that of a positive event, open to all, sustainable and supportive."

With its participation in the Trieste Spring Run, Generali continues to support sporting events and activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle and through which it promotes a culture of participatory sport, solidarity and social inclusion, building partnerships with organisations that share the Group's values.