Generali in the “Gold Class” of the ranking .Trust by Lundquist

The Webranking Europe 500 review by Lundquist has been evaluating for years the corporate websites’ performance of leading European companies that stand out for the transparency of their digital communication.
In 2019, 112 Italian listed companies were analyzed: a very positive trend emerged and highlighted how companies are increasingly committed to improving their performance in terms of digital transparency.
This year the website got a great result and Generali got the fifth place in the European ranking with a score of 85.8.
In 2019 there was also a news: Lundquist introduced a new ranking called .trust that measures the credibility and the effectiveness of corporate communication aimed at generating trust in all stakeholders. Not only an effective storytelling, but also the company's ability to show how its purpose is closely connected to business, talking about innovation, transformation and sustainability.
In this first edition of .trust, Generali positively stood out and has been included in the "Gold Class". In particular, the series of interviews with managers "A coffee with ..." were really appreciated because they give a concrete view of the strategic plan by making the audience more familiar with the different business areas and the managers of the Group.