Generali Milano Marathon Special Edition 2021

Participants were over 9,000 and contributed to supporting a number of non-profit organizations: each at their pace, but all together towards the same goal

This year again, the Generali Milano Marathon, which took place on Sunday 16th May as a special edition, proved that running is good for you and does good to others: many people have participated and contributed to fundraising for a number of non-profit organizations through the charity programme linked to the marathon. 

It was a special event aiming to offer a sign of hope, in the name of “running together, everywhere”. The traditional marathon, organised to comply with Covid-19 measures, was in fact held alongside the Relay Marathon Anywhere Edition, a non-competitive race that allowed all teams to decide freely how and where to run, and to support their chosen charity.

In Milan, 132 professional athletes took part in the Élite Marathon, while 750 runners joined the 10km competition. As for the Run Anywhere edition, it saw the participation of 1,320 teams and 3,250 individuals, for a total of 9,412 runners. Among them, 465 people ran for The Human Safety Net, Generali’s initiative for the communities, raising € 27,697 for the Foundation. It is still possible to contribute with a donation until 16th June, further information is available at the following link:

The Generali Milano Marathon also saw the best world performances of the year: the Kenyan Titus Ekiru won in 2:02:57 and broke his own record of 2:04:46, obtained in 2019 in Milan. In women, with 2:19:35 the Ethiopian Gebremaryam Gebrekidan broke the record of 2:20:08 set this year by the Kenyan Angela Tanui in Ampugnano (Siena). Among Italians, the best result was achieved by Anna Incerti (Fiamme Azzurre), who ranked 17th in the female race with 2:31:17.

We want to thank all those who participated to the Marathon, each at their pace, but all together towards the same goal, promoting sport, wellbeing and solidarity, supporting The Human Safety Net’s projects for the most vulnerable.

This is the spirit that pushes us to sponsor sports events: standing by people’s side to help them improve their physical and emotional wellbeing, and building a net of solidarity for a better future.