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European Biotechnology talks about Generali Vitality

As of January 2017, thanks to the partnerships with major insurance companies in 14 different countries, Generali Vitality had reached the line of 4.8 million users. Germany certainly remains the largest market in Europe but after being launched in France designed for employers, the programme will arrive next autumn in Austria.
As highlighted by the magazine European Biotechnology that has illustrated the several positive aspects of the initiative, the success of Vitality has to be included in a wider attempt by the insurance business to motivate customers to get healthier, tracking their progress with the help of technology and rewarding them for their improvements.
The magazine also mentioned the fact that sometimes some concerns have been raised about data protection issues seeing this as a first step towards individualised premiums that will erode the principle of solidarity. As affirmed by Simon Guest, CEO of Generali Vitality GmbH, “If we have people in the collective engaging to improve their health, that helps everyone in the collective”.